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Photo: David Hegarty

About Us


The duo bring a profound level of precision to their movement built through years of experience in improvisation, clowning and dance.

Together the duo are breaking new ground artistically, bringing professional dance and clowning to new heights.

Within the practice of improvisation they developed an intricate language of gestural and body movements. Their work derives from that humoristic movement language which focuses on the clownesque expression of dance. Abstract in style they bring their audience on a journey of discovery and laughter.

Our Story

Elysia Mc Mullen and Luisa Schmitz met during their dance education in the Netherlands. One morning they got up and made a short piece just for fun. Just like that Bill and Fred was born. Three more short pieces followed before they lost their contact for a while, since both were returning to their own worlds for just a second. But when the time was right, Bill and Fred decided they could  as well tackle the world together. In 2020 they founded the Company Bill and Fred Productions and created their first full evening show "Bill and Fred's Adventures". That was just the beginning. So beware! The world is in for some surprises from those two.

Meet Bill and Fred

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