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Photo: Abigail Deniston Photography


"The Grannies"  (2022)

A bit bored by what life holds in stock for them, Billie and Frieda make their own means out of the time they have left. They follow their desires, dreams and are still exploring their sexuality. 

Two older women share experiences of their wild and profound lives. They are slow in presence yet young inside their heart, full of cheekiness and charm. Frieda is a naughty one and Billie likes to surprise people with a little craziness here and there. They are absolutely adorable and therefore can get away with almost anything. 

They also know that and exploit it shamelessly.

Link to review in Theaterkrant

"Bill and Fred's Adventures"  (2021)

Bill and Fred - two professional and well traveled adventurers, both less than useless without one another, together become master resolvers of the absurd. The work is an adventure that begins at an end, searching for belongings and backpacks. An adventure both failing to start and finish at the same time.

Special thanks to our musician: Sämi Messerli

"Discoveries" (2020)

Bill and Fred's first stay at Festival Marelle s'emballe. During the residency the short piece "Discoveries" was created and had its debut on the festival that same week. It was the start of Bill and Fred Productions and their piece "Bill and Fred's Adventures".

Sketches (2017)

A tryout of Bill and Fred to incorporate different disciplines into a short piece. Putting together material collected over the years, this piece was created during a residency in Katapult, Berlin.

Bill and Fred - Take Two (2016)

Bill and Fred's second ever creation - Take Two. " We're back with our new creation a medley of different stories mixed together in our hat of magic. sniitch."

Bill and Fred - Take One (2015)

Bill and Fred, still in school with their debut piece which was created in one day just for fun. Who would have known back then it was the birth of the most fabulous duo ever!

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