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Bill and Fred Productions

Photo: Michael Schoch

August 2023
Bill and Fred are going to the USA to perform at the Celebration Barn in Maine

This Opportunity has been funded by Culture Ireland.

May 2023
The Grannies have been awarded to be part of Bealtaine Festival 2023 

Bealtaine is an Age & Opportunity Arts initiative,​funded by the Arts Council and the HSE.

Reviews on the Grannies

Brabants Dagblatt (picture)

About us


Elysia Mc Mullen (IRE) and Luisa Schmitz (CH) met during their dance education at FHK, Tilburg (NL), where both graduated with a BA in Dance and Choreography in 2016. After graduating both followed their own pathways in choreographing their own work and working with other companies within the dance and circus sector.

The duo merged back together forming their company Bill and Fred Productions in 2020. Bill and Fred are an all-female clown duo, merging disciplines such as dance, clowning, circus and theatre. Both having an interest in clowning and circus the duo developed their own unique style of clowning.


For bookings please contact us via our contactform. We also offer performances for schools with the option for a workshop.

Schools from Zurich, Switzerland can book us directly through Schule und Kultur Zürich.


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